We operate as a virtual insurer

Other than providing the security for contract performance, we will undertake all aspects of the underwriting processes, including pricing, preparation of policy and other technical documentation, administrative procedures, compliance oversight, work transfer and claims.

This breadth of activity allows us to control the direction and pace of a project, facilitating a holistic solution within a timescale that conventional markets cannot come close to. Also, you should rest assured that we will not just look to replicate the product and how it is managed, but look for potential ways to enhance the product by introducing meaningful added value, increasing flexibility and improve and simplify administrative procedures.

Our service to you


The service we offer does not stop with providing the necessary support to launch/re-launch your facility.

Once the scheme is set up we will provide whatever assistance you may need to develop your scheme to realise its full potential. For example:

  • If you are in competition within a particular niche where there is an established market leader we will work with you to build the business with the ultimate goal of taking over that mantle.
  • If you are already number one, but are starting to lose ground to new competitors we will work with you to regain that lost business and re-establish your pre-eminence.
  • If you run a scheme with little or no competition, for example for an association, we will work with you to seek similar business and maximise cross-selling opportunities.

Is Oasis right for me?

Whatever your position we will put at your disposal our extensive knowledge and experience to help advance the scheme towards your long term objective.

If you currently operate a scheme there may be aspects that you find unsatisfactory or simply feel that it is time for a review and would welcome a fresh look from another underwriter. Alternatively, you may be seeking to place a new facility and are wondering which markets to approach. Either way, we would be delighted to discuss the potential to work with you on the project. Whilst we cannot guarantee that we will be able to support every opportunity offered to us, we truly believe that you will be impressed by the level professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm we put into the schemes that we move forwards with.

We would also like to make clear to you that if we work with you on a scheme within a particular niche then you will have exclusivity with us. Before progressing the scheme with you we will have studied the other operators in your niche and decided that your proposition provides us with the best opportunity to make a significant impact. As a consequence an approach from your direct competitors will be refused.