We are a partnership with a difference

Working closely with our introducer and intermediary partners on the one hand and insurer partners on the other, we create tailored insurance products that are designed to provide broad and relevant cover at a competitive premium.

Oasis Underwriting was set up in 2010 by two like-minded people who have brought their broad and diverse experience and different skill sets together to form an alliance that is built upon two successful careers spanning over 60 years involving the underwriting and selling of insurance schemes. Up to now this partnership has concentrated on developing new and relevant insurance schemes for a specific niche area. However, it is now building on the success of these facilities by following a similar strategy to acquire other affinity business by offering either innovative new policies not otherwise available or re-inventing existing arrangements that may have stagnated though still have significant potential to grow.

Oasis Underwriting have four directors with vast experience in underwriting, sales, business development, finance and operations management. Maximising this depth of knowledge and experience within the organisation we have, in a relatively short period of time, grown the premium income to in excess of £10M and in doing so have built an enviable reputation for underwriting, sales and marketing expertise backed up by an exceptional level of service.